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The Karosa B732 is a 3 door city bus manufactured by the Czech Karosa company between 1982 and 1996. These buses have manual transmission, LiAZ front axle and Rába or Detva rear axle. ------------------------------ Do you remember the first buses made for OMSI? One of them was the B732. It was not the best quality bus, but it was made without any tutorials. After almost 2 years RedGunn released his newest bus, a high quality, fully rebuilt B732. You'll find a B731 in the package, which has automatic transmission. The bus is completely fototextured, pretty nice, and performance friendly. It has its custom sounds, which is good, but it has some minor errors, mostly annoying repeating. Moreover, you'll get some repaints too. It's equipped again with a BUSE display, so only the BUSE display compatible hof files will work. That means you won't see anything on the exterior display if you're using hof files made for ANNAX display buses. (But you still able to transport passengers.) ------------------------------- Download:



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